Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year + What's in my suitcase

Happy New Year everyone!! 

2015 was such an amazing year, but I am so excited to see what's in store for 2016! 

 I am typing this a little early, but by the time you read this I should be on the beach hopefully soaking up the sun and staring into crystal blue water :) 

Packing for trip was so much fun, especially with all the new spring arrivals rolling in daily!  I can already tell that I am going to be smitten with all spring and summer fashion this year!  I am sure you ladies know by now that I am a summer girl, and it is by far my favorite season to shop!!

So here's a little peek at what's inside my suitcase.  Also, if you have never used Sun Bum you should definitely try it.  All it takes is one time and you'll never go back to the other stuff.   

(also available in navy here)

Scarf Print Maxi Dress and now it also comes in a gorgeous pink and navy! 

Beach Seashell Swing Dress- runs large...size down! 

And while I didn't have time to get this maxi before our trip, I plan on ordering it as soon as we return!  Love, love, love the embroidered detail....and the price tag! 

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