Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Confessions on a Tuesday

// I still have not cleaned out my car since our Christmas trip home!  When I tell you there could be someone living in the back without me knowing it, I really mean it.  And with all the crumbs and half empty bags of chips, they probably wouldn't go hungry!  I know that's gross, and I have all intentions on cleaning it out today, but we all know how intentions work out at times ;) 

// Keeping our house clean 24-7 with two kids and one dog in the house is a complete joke!  I get anxious and excited all at the same time every time we get a call to show the house.  I start yelling and running around like a mad woman trying to get everyone to pick up their toys and make their beds.  And truth, neither one of my kids can even make their beds, or at least, not very well. 

// I can't stand the cold weather.  The only time I like the cold is when it snows and I like that for about a day or two.  Todd, on the other hand, loves the cold and tells me he feels so much more energized!!  I couldn't disagree more, the only energy it gives me is the ability to move faster walking to my car to get to the heat! 

// Todd and I are slightly obsessed with the Netflix series Making a Murderer.  Do you guys watch it??  If so, what's your thoughts?  Do you think he's guilty or that he is being framed for the murder of the photographer? We are on the third episode, and at this point, my opinion is that he's guilty! 

// Every morning when my alarm goes off I have a legitimate five minute conversation with myself on whether or not I should get up or sleep another thirty minutes.  Nine times out of ten I convince myself to sleep the extra thirty minutes, but unfortunately I never fall back asleep. 

// At night I have the hardest time falling asleep, so I do the big no no and pick up my phone.  I get sucked into random stories on Facebook and most of them leave me in tears.  Sometimes good tears and other times sad tears.  I read this story last night and cried both....for a very long time. 

// Almost every evening I struggle with what to cook for dinner.  I always have ideas of things to make that Todd and I would love, but finding new meals each night that the entire family will eat is exhausting.  This year I really want to get more organized with my meal planning. 

// This past Saturday in barre class we did about ten minutes of standing calf raises, and all day yesterday, I had to walk around taking the lightest steps possible because my calves were so sore!  One would think that as much as I walk around in heels my calves would not have much of a problem with calf raises, but clearly they do!

// I am having the hardest time setting new goals and getting organized knowing that we could be moving at any time.  Being that I am extremely type A, this is driving me nuts.  To keep myself from going cray cray, I'm trying to keep in mind how organized we will be in our new home :)