Friday, January 8, 2016

5 on Friday

I can't remember the last time I've done a good ol' Five on Friday.  But they were actually one of my favorites to write, so here we go! 

ONE // 

// I can tell you one person and one pup who love it every time we have a house showing!  It means a long walk for Rocky and "an adventure" for Taylor.  And I must admit, it has been so nice just to get out and take a walk.  I will so miss all of the beautiful trees and the little wooded areas where our adventures take place in our neighborhood. 

TWO // 

// Speaking of homes and moving, I am officially obsessed with the lighting and hardware at Rejuvenation!  I am hoping the house we buy doesn't require a full gut job, but I would love to have all gold in my kitchen and bathrooms.  Here are two of of my favorites from Rejuvenation


Taylor and I made a quick stop at the grocery yesterday, and since I didn't have too much to grab, I let her push her own little cart.  I forgot how cute these little carts are and I could tell she was so excited the entire time.  Stopping to check out the cards and take a little bite of her cookie ;) 

FOUR // 

// With Todd and I just getting back from our vacation, all I have is summer and warm weather on my mind.  I am LOVING all the new summer arrivals that keep rolling in and they are killing it this year with one pieces, and as you know, I am usually more of a two piece girl myself :) 

But this Jessica Simpson One Piece is the one that officially sold me!  It's also available here in all sizes!  It runs tts, not small like most swimsuits. 

And my other favorite one pieces are......

You guys may actually remember I wore this same exact style suit here last summer, and it is truly one of the most flattering fits.  I also love it in these lighter blue colors as well. 

This classic black halter one piece.  It's such a sexy swimsuit without being too revealing.  

And last, but not least, this Mara Hoffman strapless one piece!  Are the colors not to die for!? And I love how this one has padded underwire to give you extra support. 

And what's summer dreaming without maxi dresses ;) 

Make sure when you click on this dress that you zoom in and check out the gorgeous embroidered detailing of this dress!  It's also  fully lined, plus, the back is super stunning! 

The colors in this dress just scream spring and summer.  To top things off, this style looks great on every figure!

FIVE // 

Since we are on the subject of summer and vacations, Todd and I are really wanting to take the kids somewhere this summer.  We have no idea where to exactly, but I would LOVE to hear any of your ideas!  Do you guys have any suggestions for fun kid-friendly vacation spots?  And we are okay to fly, as Carson will be seven and Taylor will be four, so I think they will be good to go on an airplane! 

So far we have taken a peek at Turks and Caicos, and while both kid friendly resorts look awesome, I would still like to hear other suggestions if you guys have any!