Friday, January 29, 2016

Workout routine.....and how I've kept my weight off

So I know this post is long overdue, and if I'm being honest, I have been putting it off on purpose.  It's not that I didn't want to talk about my workouts and share what works for me, it's because I've been a big ol' slacker for the last 5 or 6 months!  I have done just enough to maintain my weight loss, and have tried my hardest not to lose too much muscle.  And this is no excuse by any means, but life has been busy and working out got put on the back burner.  Now this is not to say I haven't been working out, because I have on occasion, but not as consistent and as hard as I had been.  Truth is, I miss it, and with summer right around the corner, I am ready to pick it up full force again!

I am ready to bring back my sprints.  This picture was the first time in three months that I've done any  sprinting, and needless to say, I didn't make it too far ;) 

(And yes, this is truly how I hold my head when I sprint...I know, I looks wack, but I can't help it) 

You can read my original post here on how I initially lost all my weight.  Again, I am not near as strict with my diet as I was then, and I am not as consistent in the gym, but maintaining has been a lot easier than it was to get off all the weight in the beginning. 

This picture pains me to look at, yet, makes me so proud at the same time. 

This was my before - (around six months after Taylor) 

And my after - (when Taylor was almost one...pre-mini tummy tuck).

Now, I am by no means a health or fitness professional, but this is just what has worked for me. 

Monday through Friday I have been making it to the gym around three times a week.  On Monday's and Wednesday's I try to make it to barre, which I absolutely LOVE!  The barre I take is not a traditional barre, but more like boot camp barre.  It's pretty much a full body, non-stop one hour class. In this class you do low weights and high reps.  If you live in Charleston, I can't recommend Ashley's class enough! 

On Thursday's, I always train with my personal trainer, Zack Conrad.  I've been training with Zack for seven years now.  He's amazing, and he's also the one who helped me lose weight initally and become a more confident me.  Zack and I usually focus on full body, but with higher weight and shorter reps.  And we almost always do weighted lunges and weighted squats (which if you do these, you know they are a beast).

The one thing I am proud to say I have remained constant with is my water intake!!  It's so important to stay hydrated, so I always drink as much as I can throughout the day.  I have become obsessed with the S'well water bottles, and I pretty much always have one with me.  I try to fill my 17 oz bottle up no less than four times a day, and honestly, I should drink even more. 

I am currently working on a food diary to share with you guys, so next up will be what I eat.  I have a few go-to healthy recipes and snacks that I make often, so I will be sure to share those as well. 

And this is one of my favorite quotes I wanted to share with you guys! 

Outfit Details 

Photos by Kim Graham 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Loving Lately

Good morning ladies and happy Thursday!!  One more day until Friday...I can't wait!  My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I am so excited to spend some laid back, quality time with them. 

With the warm weather we are having this weekend I just can't get spring and summer off the brain! There are so many things that I am loving right now so I thought I would share a few of them with all of you! 

I am not at all surprised that there is only one size left in this gorgeous cover-up! I am crossing my fingers that they will re-stock it in all sizes soon! If they do I'll be sure to let you guys know because at $55 it won't last long!  This one and this one are just drool worthy and both are at a great price!

And what would a great cover-up be without a killer suit to wear under it!  La Blanca makes the best swimsuits ever.  You guys may remember this one that I wore here last year.  I've had the suit forever and it is still one of my favorites. 

I seriously love every single thing about this blouse!!  The embroidery, the darling sleeves, and of course...the color!  

Classic with a fun twist is how I would describe these earrings.  I absolutely love them and could see them worn with just about any and everything! 

I am pretty sure I will never get tired of the off the shoulder look.  This dress is so cute and I love the light blue stripes!  Added bonus, it's under $55!!!

It's no secret that I love my Gigi bags.  I actually have the mini Taylor in a beautiful gray!  But I am a sucker for a good tan, and with their winter sale just starting today, I am really considering grabbing this one! 

The one thing I want to make sure I am better at after we move is keeping things organized, especially my watches, jewelry, and sunglasses!  I am forever losing these three things!  So with that being said, I am placing an order today for this watch case!  It's only $38 and I know I will love being able to find my watches! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Soft and Stretchy + a little fur!

Stretchy, soft, and slimming...yep, pretty much the perfect jeans!  I knew it was probably a good idea to grab these jeans when I saw that they had been marked down 70% off!!  And trust me y'all, if you get these jeans you will not be disappointed! 

And if you love a little fur like myself, you will love this vest!  Available here on sale and also in black! 

 And you guys know how much I love all my Southernsequins jewelry.  I am pretty obsessed with the pink stones in this water buffalo piece! 

Outfit Details 
Fur Vest (30% off)  // Jeans (70% off) // Tee // Necklace // Bracelet //  Tori Tote // Pumps 

And I thought a few of you may like to know Shopbop just made a ton of new markdowns!  And these booties are included and they look identical to the Rag and Bone booties!! 

Photos by Kim Graham 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Carson + Your celebration at Legoland

Dear Carson, 

I can't believe that you turned seven years old today!  It seems so crazy to me that this is even possible.  It feels like yesterday that your daddy and I were bringing you home from the hospital.  I can't tell you enough how proud we are of you!  

You bring joy and laughter to everyone you meet.  You are still extremely cautious.  If it looks scary or unsafe you want no part of it, which is quite comforting, especially if you can keep this up all the way through school!  

You are crazy smart and catch on quickly to almost everything.  Math is your favorite subject and you caught on extremely fast with adding and subtracting.  

You love money, which is obviously the reason you never want to spend any of your own, instead you negotiate your way into having me or your dad buy what you're wanting :)  You get much more joy out of watching the amount of money you have grow, and if there's something you want that your dad and I tell you we won't buy, it has to be something really good if you are coming out of pocket. 

You are a very picky eater, and I seriously believe that if you could, you live off pizza, yogurt, and strawberries.  Apparently your daddy was the same way, but if you end up like him, we can see that changing drastically once you get into your teens.  

You have a heart bigger than your body.  When someone is physically hurt or being picked on, I can tell it hurts you to see.  You are always the first to go make sure they are okay and you always let the other person know (no matter how big they may be) that it's not nice to make someone else feel bad.  You are especially this way with your little sister.  Your dad and I smile watching how protective you are with her. 

Carson you are truly one of a kind and I can't tell you enough how blessed I feel that God chose me to be your mama. 

Carson, I truly hope our trip to Legoland is a trip you will always love and remember.  Your dad and I both agreed that we had more fun than we have had in a long time. 

I can't say enough great things about Legoland and their awesome hotel!  If it wasn't a seven hour drive, we would make it an annual trip. 

We truly had the best time.  The happiness and excitement on their faces in every picture says it all! And the added bonus, Carson got to bring along one of his best buddies, so this made it all the more fun for the birthday boy! 

The kids were dying to see the room when we first pulled in, so we hopped on the elevator and went to check it out as fast as we could!  But seriously, well done Legoland, our room was phenomenal. They seriously paid attention to every single detail.  

Loving their pirate bunk beds!

The elevators, oh the elevators!  It never got old even after the 20th time.  We laughed and jammed out every time we got on!

During the week leading up to our trip we were feeling a good bit of anxiety seeing the bad weather they were calling for.  When we pulled up to check in on Friday after driving through some really bad rain and wind it was still drizzling, but by the time we finished checking in the sun was shining and it was around 70 degrees.  Apparently they had bad weather all morning, so the park had just re-opened when we pulled up!!  When I tell you guys we had the entire park all to ourselves, I am not exaggerating!  There may have been a total of 50 people with us in the park on Friday and we did not have to wait in one single line.  It was pure bliss :) 

The kids were in heaven and the rides were so fun for all of them!  I will say, I think the Legoland park is best suited for kids 2-10.  Excluding the roller coasters,  I could see kids that are older than 10 possibly being a little bored.  But for our kids, it was absolutely perfect.  We actually had to beg Carson to ride one of the roller coasters with us...ha! 

And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was!  I had read mixed reviews online, but we all really enjoyed every meal we had!  We had breakfast every morning at Bricks, lunch both days in the park, and dinner both nights at the the Skyline lounge!  In the park, I highly recommend Fun Town pizza, it was awesome!  And the Granny apple fries are a must while in the park.  I could have seriously eaten five cups of these things :)  

Every evening at the hotel they had activities from 6 to 9.  Our favorite was the pajama party Saturday night.  It was a bit crazy, but the kids had so much fun! 

On Saturday, we knew it was supposed to be cold so we layered up.  And while it was chilly, we never heard one complaint and all of the boys were peeling off layers by lunch time.  Once again, the park was pretty dead and we had another fun filled day with no lines! 

Miniland was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  I still can't believe all of this was made by Legos. 

On Sunday, we all woke up a little sad to leave.  If the kids would not have had school on Monday I think we would have stayed one more night!  And Taylor didn't even care she missed the snow in Charleston, apparently Lego angels are way cooler than snow angels :) 

It truly was a magical weekend!  I hope Carson never forgets all the fun we had! 

PS - This post was not sponsored in any way shape or form.  Legoland happily took all of my money and allowed me to spend way too much in their gift shops :)  Haha! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Feeling the love on Monday!

Hello there and happy Monday!  We returned from our weekend trip to Legoland yesterday evening around 7pm!  Oh man, we had the best time and I've got around 100 pictures to share with you guys! I am downloading them now and I can't wait to share all the fun we had! 

In the meantime, I am in denial that we have to start packing and boxing things around our house this week (and that I need to find Lego cupcakes in less than 24 hours), I thought I would share some of my favorite Valentine's Day picks!  Hey Todd, if you are reading, these pink and red pretties would make your wife a very happy girl on the big V-day ;)  And don't worry, most of them are under $60, so they won't break the bank :) 

(Just click the picture to shop the item)

And PS, with the freezing cold weather we have had lately, I thought you may want to know that Patagonia just started their winter clearance sale here

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Life Lately

// A little crazy is definitely how I would describe the last few weeks around here!  We have had eight house showings in the last three days and our house went under contract last night!!!  It's a non-contingent contract, so things should move pretty quickly.  Can I get a whoop whoop!  And with that whoop whoop, can I get some movers, packers, and a place to live ;)  So, my apologies in advance if over the next month I go MIA or am just all over the place ;) 

// With all of the above going on I've decided to make sure I have my butt in the gym at least four days a week.  Working out is what keeps me sane and I truly feel so much better when I go to the gym.  I know many of you have asked for an update on my workouts and diet, and I promise, I will do my best to write a full post on that next week. 

That being said, we all know new gym goals are always more fun with new gym attire and accessories ;)  If any of you are in the market for new running shoes and yoga pants I highly recommend what I am wearing below! 

Hooded Pullover (40% off) // Nike running shoe more colors here // 
Performance Leggings (amazing and perfect length)

And I am just slightly obsessed with my new yoga mat.  By the way, it's for barre because y'all know I can't handle yoga ;) 

// We head out for Legoland at 5am tomorrow morning!!!!  I can't wait to see Carson's face when we arrive!  I have a few little surprises up my sleeve for Carson, Taylor, and his buddy Reeves.  One of the surprises is a character breakfast with "real Lego characters".  I am, however, a little nervous about the weather Friday and the park possibly closing a little early.  But I figured, if that's the case, we will just shop and maybe catch one of the 4-D movies! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Two days only!! Save up to $275! Lilly Pulitzer, Mara Hoffman, and Equipment all included!

For two days only Saks is offering up to $275 off your order!! 

Here's how the two day online sale works........

Use the code JAN16 at checkout to save! 

The more you spend, the more you save!  But, even if you want to spend the smallest amount at $250, you are still saving 20% off!!  This sale includes all of my favorite brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Mara Hoffman, and Equipment!  And even better, Saks has just released a ton of new arrivals from these brands! 

Here are just a few of my favorites.  I am planning on grabbing these jeans and this blouse right