Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The gift of sleep ;)

Oh the gift of sleep, now wouldn't that be awesome if we could wrap that up in a little box and put a big red bow on it...haha!! 

I guess the next best thing would be the gift of good pajamas, slippers, or even sheets!  I feel like pajamas are that one gift you can get for everyone and they are happy when they open it! 

Right now, Nordstrom is having an extra savings sale on top of their already sale prices, and they have tons of great sleep and lounge wear.  And, Victoria's Secret is offering a pair of free slippers with their amazing pj's! 

(Click all Images to shop the item) 

The perfect gift of sleep for her! 
)The pink slipper below are the free ones and they come in 4 colors too!)

And the perfect gift for the couple who needs sleep :) 

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