Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall fashion....... better together

On the blog, most of the time we chat about girly fashion, and how ready we are for fall, but what about the boys??  As much I love fall fashion for myself, and believe me I DO, I also like to make sure the man by my side is well dressed.  Thanks to good ol' Nordstrom I don't have to search too hard to make this happen. 

Outfit Details 

Todd- Vest // Shirt(under $40) // Belt // Chinos // Shoes 
Me- Dress (under $60) // Scarf // Booties 

As far as fall, guys have it easier in my opinion...a few good, key pieces and they are set. 

A good loafer is a must!  Todd and I both agree these Ugg loafers are pretty darn awesome.  They have a nice leather on the outside, and the soles are interchangeable on the inside.  Being that it's not very cold yet in Charleston, he has in the leather lined sole right now, but I know soon enough he will be ready to slip into that soft Ugg pure sole.  

A sleek vest,  check button down, a comfy pair of chinos and a nice leather belt are also great key pieces to have in his closet.  You can mix and match all these pieces and make several different stylish outfits. 

What I really bet Todd is thinking is, "Why the heck didn't I take those awkward engagement pictures with Caycee nine years ago?!" ;)  Haha...honey you know what they say about payback. #itsabitch #loveyoumeanit

You can shop a few more of my favorite "men" must-haves under $100.00 below. 

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  All opinions and blackmail photos are my own.

Photography by Kim Graham