Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This and That.....

// Yesterday I attempted to take pictures of Taylor's big girl room.  I say 'attempt' because after taking the pictures I realized I forgot to iron her bed linens.  Trust me when I tell you it did not look good and it would have messed with my OCD real bad :)  I am, however, planning on having it up no later than Friday.  But anyway, point of this story is that I ended up getting some awesome pictures of Taylor in the process.  And because she's mine, and I think she's the cutest, I am going to share a few of my favorites.  Plus, if I don't share them now I am scared it will be all pictures of Taylor and none of her room...ha! 

// One of my best friends, and considered my sister from another mister, Kelly, has just started her blog back up!!  I am so happy and proud of her!  She is such an incredible writer, has killer style, and she's one amazing mama!  Her son Noah, who I love like my own, was diagnosed a little over a year ago with type 1 diabetes.  Today Kelly is sharing their story and how they deal with this in everyday life.  If you are looking for a new read you should definitely check out Humor and Grace

// It's still insanely hot around here, and all I have been living in are little slip on dresses!  So, in honor of the crazy heat I thought I would share a few of my favorites!!  All of these dresses can be dressed up or dressed down.  Plus,
they can be worn now and take you right into fall! 

I love how this one can be dresses up or down so easily! 


  1. Can't get enough shirtdresses for fall! I love throwing them on with boots and leggings for work

  2. Bed linens? You're supposed to iron those things? haha

  3. I recently purchased a shirt dress and love it !!