Monday, August 17, 2015

Lilly Sale Favorites!!

Update: Lilly has added a few new items to their site. I have listed them below with the pricing!! Also their are a few other sites participating in the sale and they are def. worth taking a peek at ;) 

This little white dress I wore here, in now on sale for 40%!! 

(For size reference I am wearing the xs)

Was $248 now $79

$248  now $79.00

$178 now $49

$278 now $89

was $258 now $69

Was $298 now $89

Was $108 now $34

Was $88 now $49

Was $168 now $49

Okay ladies I made out like a bandit with Lilly this morning, and I must say with the new rules my experience was a lot smoother!! How about yours? Did you ladies get all you wanted yet? 

**After I completed check-out it did NOT kick me into another virtual wait line, it let right back into the site to shop agagin!! 

Here are just a few of favorites so far!!!! 

This one was $128 and now it's $39.00!! 

PS This dress is also part of the sale!!! I had lot's of questions about this one, so I thought I would let y'all know ;) 

This dress is also part of the sale too!! Also in this pattern!


  1. I got a few things I am pretty excited about. I am on the fence about the weekender jacket. Anyone have it...if so did you size up?

    1. Hey Kimm!! I grabbed that one, and I had luckily tried it on in the store!! I went with my xs and it fit just like it looks on the model :)

  2. I have that bottom top and it's one of my faves x