Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eat more tacos kinda of dress.....

I call this my 'eat more tacos' kinda dress ;)  You know, one that's loose and flows in all the right places, but still flattering enough that you don't look preggo!  That being said, if you are pregnant this one would be super cute!  And you gotta love that's it's under $50!! 

Outfit Details 

I normally don't go all matchy-matchy with my earrings and necklace, but for some reason, I am loving these together. 

Oh, and these little tassel sandals are my newest love! 

And one can never go wrong with a monogrammed clutch. 


  1. LOVE! This is adorable and looks so comfy!

  2. I love an "eat more tacos kinda dress"!

  3. It's a cute dress! But I know what my husband would say and yours is thinking! Y'all have such cute figures, why not wear one of your other hot dresses?!! hehe!

    1. Oh Alie you know it! Todd said that's cute but it doesn't show of your figure! Men goodness!!