Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mini Makeover.... Our Living room

I am so excited to share the progress I've made in our downstairs den with you guys.  If I am being honest, this room gets seen a lot more than it gets used.  So, I wasn't afraid to go light in color and use pieces I really wanted.  Now don't get me wrong, when we have company over, such as hosting playgroup or when we have family in town, we all sit on the couch and in the chairs.  And I love cooking dinner and having this space so close so that I can still talk and see them while I am in the kitchen, but when it's just Todd, the kids, and I we usually go upstairs for the TV or pile in our bed downstairs.  And during the day the kids and I are either upstairs (in their playroom), outside, or by the pool. 

But enough with the rambling, let's start with a good before shot to really show you how far this little space has come. 



Sarah Swanson nailed it above the couch with what I had envisioned.  I love all her simple, yet beautiful art.  And talk about making the art pop, my friends at Framebridge did just that with their stunning frames.  I seriously can't tell you how amazing the quality of these frames are.  I will never have anything framed by anyone else again. 

 These pillows just make me happy, no really, I smile every time I walk by them :)  If you are in the market for new pillows I highly recommend the talented team at Motif pillows.  Their selection of colors and patterns are to die for. 

Couch - OKL currently unavailable. Almost identical here 

Art above couch- Sarah Swanson c/o

Frames- Framebridge c/o

Pillows on couch - Motif Pillows c/o

Pillows on chairs - with optional free monogram

Coffee table- Currently unavailable similar here 

Side Table- unavailable similar here and here 

Sconces- unavailable  

Rug- Jute 8x10

Layered rug- natural hide

Sunburst mirror- Rosemont Wall Mirror

Floor lamps-  Pier 1 Imports