Thursday, June 25, 2015

Real Life confessions........

It's been a while since we've had some real life confessions and I've got some secrets to tell ;) 

// Something really crazy is going on with my hormones!  I am talking hair falling out, bad breakouts, and other REALLY strange things.  I asked my doctor about it last week and she's running some blood work just to be sure it's only my hormones!  Good news is I don't feel any crazier than I normally do;)

// Speaking of my hair, not only is it falling out it's also breaking off!  Ahhh...I know, I highlight my hair which is horrible for it, but I've been doing it for 15+ years and this has never happened.  Either way, I just ordered a few things from the It's a 10 line in hopes to repair this mess, but if you guys have any suggestions or tips I am all ears!!  I mean, two glasses of wine in the other night and I was Googling wigs!!!

// I am having major mom guilt.  Taylor just turned three and we are still struggling with the potty! Bless her heart, she has had constipation issues over the last year, and our doctor just recently prescribed her the prescription Miralax.  Poor baby associates the potty with being painful.  I feel like we pushed Carson too early, and it was not fun, so I want to make sure she is 100% ready.  Mommies of babies with tummy issues, any advice?!?! 

// I have started a really bad habit of eating a late night snack in bed while watching TV!  I used to brush my teeth around 7 just to make sure this didn't happen.  I can't help it now that all the good shows are on...all I want to do is munch on something.......and unfortunately, it's not carrots or celery. 

// Taylor had her first REAL meltdown in the store the other day!  I am talking it was BAD!!  I am pretty sure I have never heard her scream so loud!  Carson looked over at me and said, "mom can we please leave, I am so embarrassed everyone is looking at us."  The bathroom was a lot closer than the door so we bolted in there in hopes to calm her down!  No such luck.  Then, on the way out a sweet lady stopped me to tell me that she reads my blog.  Talk about being embarrassed!  And it was all over a Frozen toy that I told her she couldn't have.  And no, she most certainly did not get it :) 

Now that Carson and Taylor are both getting a little older, and can actually play together and communicate, things are so much easier.  Sometimes, however, I swear I think they are plotting against me.  Haha!