Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In 19 Days......

In nineteen days we get to celebrate all the amazing men in our life on Father's Day.  I have always been, and probably always will be, a daddy's girl.  Growing up being his only girl, my daddy had a soft spot for me.  I always knew (and still do), if there's something I need he will drop everything and be there for me in a second.  There is nothing like a father's love. 

And as you know, this guy is pretty much as close to perfect as it gets when it comes to being a daddy!  I have never witnessed a love like the love Todd has for our children.  When I say it's magical to watch, I truly mean that.  That being said, celebrating him on Father's Day is truly an honor. 

I had lots of fun picking out the perfect watch for him.  I wanted to get him something a little different than the one he already has.  I was going for something a little dressier for weddings and events, while also being able to throw it on with his polos and shorts.  Because we all know, if Todd isn't shirtless in the backyard, he's in a polo and shorts ;) 

Outfit Details 
(Todd's is on backorder until June 15th, but if you order it now it will be here by Father's Day)

Nordstrom seriously has the best selection of mens watch's!  Here are just a few more of my favorites. 

*Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.


  1. Such a special gift - my hubs is a watch man and I spoilt him with a Tagheur for his 30th birthday a few years back x

  2. We will go to disney some day! Not yet. :) Have fun! :D