Thursday, May 7, 2015

Loving Lately!

It's almost party time around here!!  I spent all day yesterday painting the inside of Taylor's playhouse!  Umm, still not sure why I decided to do this myself, but hey, eight hours later, and four blistered fingers later, the job is done :)  And the entire family enjoyed a tea party last night, including the dog. 

This is such a stunning one-piece!  I know for a fact Jessica Simpson makes outstanding swimsuits, and to top things off, her prices are great!  This one totally reminds me of the Mara Hoffman swimsuits, except it's half the price!  It would be so cute with this coverup

Loving the solid print top, and the floral bottom.  I love when you break up the colors like this, it's ultra slimming to your waist! 

There are many fun tops to wear with this skirt!  This lace tank would look amazing, and a bonus...they are both 40% off today! 

Such a stunning set of rings!  Plus, 50% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research!  Added bonus, they are 30% of today! 

I've been patiently waiting for this little beauty to get marked down!  Aren't the flamingos adorable!? 

The gold detail and the perfect shade of tan have me smitten!  I can't believe they are under $60.00!! Perfect summer sandal that would go with everything! 

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