Friday, May 29, 2015

5 on Friday.......

// We leave in just six short days for our trip to Disney!!  About a month ago we changed our plans from going on a Disney Cruise to taking a trip to Disney World!!  We are going with some great friends of ours, and we decided that making the trip to Disney instead of taking the cruise would be easier for both families.  We are so darn excited!!  We are staying in a house about five minutes outside of Disney.  Everyone will have their own (themed) room, we will have our own pool, and the basement is a cool game room for the kids!  I can't decide if I am more excited about telling the kids (we have something pretty cool planned for that as far as surprising them) or if I am more excited to see Taylor meet Mickey Mouse for the first time!!  It's probably a tie :)  Disney World, we can't wait for the magic to begin!! 

// I am sure some of you may have noticed a few things changing in our family room downstairs. It's in the process of a little mini-makeover, and it is almost complete :)  I am working with my friends over at Framebridge right now on the final touches!  Oh, and the new pillows on the couch are made by the talented couple at Motif Pillows!  I can't say enough about their amazing work!  Here's a little peek at what's going on (the mirror is no longer there). 

Sofa (similar) // Lamps  //  Hide Rug Similar

// Two outfits I am loving right now...........

Love this maxi, and the fact it's only $84.00!

// I can not wait to start the fun, new salad series with you guys next week!  I love a good, cold salad in the hot summer, and not mention, I always feel great after I eat one!  I made this one last week for a cookout we attended, and you guys, it was crazy, crazy good! 

// Last, because this story has weighed so heavy on my heart....please, please pray for this family.  I can not imagine the pain they must be in right now, but I know God has a special plan for these two sweet angels.  If you would like to donate you can do so here.