Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Steal v/s Splurge

I always love a good steal, especially when I find one that looks almost identical to a splurge!!  I swear on some of these, the steal looks just as nice, if not nicer than the splurge! 

Steal                              Splurge 

Steal                               Splurge 

Steal                            Splurge 

Steal                            Splurge 

Steal                           Splurge 

Steal                                Splurge 

Steal                                 Splurge 

Steal                               Splurge 

And speaking of splurges, Shopbop just marked down a town of designer brands :) 


  1. Oh my gosh that bucket! I've been looking for one!

  2. I think I like most of the steals better especially the bucket bag!

  3. OMG! Please do more posts like this one! LOVE IT!