Monday, April 20, 2015

Pretty in Pink!!!

I bet you guys are shocked to hear pink is my favorite color aren't you ;)  Haha, but really I just can't get enough of it! So many new pretty pink arrivals popping up everywhere!! 

In love with the gorgeous pattern on this dress, and it wold look so good belted too! 

This one needs no words! 

Speaking of new arrivals how amazing are the new Lilly Pulitzer  patterns!?!? And today is the last to receive a mystery gift with any purchase!!! 

This entire outfit is perfection!! 

They had me at built in bra with this one :) 

This beauty is only $138.00 and has the most adorable small peek-a-boo back. You know the kind you can still wear a regular bra with :)

Such a gorgeous flattering swimsuit! 

Can you guys believe this adorable beach tote is only $39.00!!! 

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