Friday, April 3, 2015

5 on Friday

Happy Friday y'all!! 

ONE // Spring break has been so much fun this year!  On Wednesday, we visited the Riverbanks Zoo with some friends.  The weather was was warm, but not too hot!  The kids had a blast, and it was so cool seeing all the animals.  My favorite animals, by far, were the giraffes.  They are so beautiful, plus, they are also very gentle.  They would eat the lettuce right out of your hand, and their long tongues were rough, but not slimy.  Taylor LOVED them, and would squeal and laugh every time she feed them. 

All four of the kiddos loved the monkey's....... maybe that's because they are like four little monkey's themselves :) 

TWO // Purchased two fun outfits that I wanted to share! 

THREE // I have a plan to transform this garment rack.  You can probably tell what I have up my sleeve from the paint on the left side in the picture (by the way, I don't actually like that color).  I picked this up thinking I would use it for the kids dress up clothes, but when it arrived I realized it was a little too big for their playroom.  I do, however, happen to have the perfect spot for it.  I am hoping with a little paint I can doll her up :) 

FOUR // Yesterday, the kids and I headed to the beach with some friends.  I love the beach so much, plus, it also makes the kids so very happy!  The water was freezing, but that didn't stop these three ladies from getting soaked! 

Haha!  How funny are these goofballs!?  Carson actually yelled out that he needed a massage :) 

I loaded up my new Hayden Reis beach bag for the first time yesterday!!  All the pockets are freaking awesome!!  It held everything we needed in organized fashion! 

FIVE // Maxi season is officially here, which makes me one happy, happy girl!!  Here are a few of my favorite mom-friendly, cotton maxi's that are under $150.00!! 

40% off!!!!