Monday, March 30, 2015

This and That!!

Happy Monday my loves!! Also, happy first day of spring break for many of you...including us!!

// I am so happy to have my little man home for an entire week!  Yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk checking my email while listening to the little voices/sounds of Carson and Taylor, it hit me that they are finally at the age where they can actually play together and enjoy themselves.  They were in Taylor's room playing pirates, using her little toddler bed as the ship, and they were laughing and talking up a storm.  I thought my heart may burst!  When I went to pick up her room last night, I found all of their little captives sitting in a row :) 

// With it being spring break and all, Todd decided to take the day off and spend it with us!!  I love when we get daddy home for an extra day!  I spent the entire Saturday and Sunday sanding and painting the deck.  I am happy to report that I did it all by myself, and I must say, it looks pretty darn good!  I had someone come out and give us a quote to do it for us, and I almost fell out when they told me the price!!  I did it before all on my own immediately after we built the deck, so I knew I could do it again! 

I found this eight pack of post cap solar lights from Amazon that we are going to put on the post.  I could not believe how good of a deal these were because at Lowe's they are $50.00 a pop!! 

I also touched up our tiki torches with some good old rub and buff!  Y'all, this stuff works wonders! 

Plus, I am a little bit of a perfectionist, and I wanted it done right!!  Nothing like a little Crayola brush for all the touch ups!  Thanks kiddos ;) 

Now, to decide on new furniture?!?!  Leaning heavily towards this set at Target!! 

That being said, I am also loving this one!  Thoughts?  Do you guys have a favorite! 

// On Friday sopped by the most adorable pop up shop BURU!! I picked Taylor up this adorable outfit!! Now I am really wanting these shorts in my size too ;) 

These cuties played at the dog park and caught lots of lizards with daddy! 

// Loft is having a HUGE flash sale with 70% off of all sale merchandise!!  Y'all, that is crazy!  Use code FLASH to save!!! 

// Also, today is the last day to save 20% at Bloomingdale's!!!  How gorgeous is this one- piece!?

Use code FRIENDS at checkout to save! 

Also, marked down are these TB wedges....they are some of my favorites. 

Well, I think that's enough randomness for one day :)  Hope you all enjoy your Monday!!  You guys have any fun plans for spring break??