Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Shopping!!

Happy Sunday Y'all!! I am about to jump on finishing up painting our deck! As much I don't love to paint, I actually don't hate it either ;)  And to know that I did it all by myself, feels pretty good. Ha! 

But, before I go get messy, I thought I would share a few Sunday pretties with you all! 

I mean, stunning right!! And the back straps are adjustable :) 

Such an adorable jumpsuit, and it's on major sale!! I love the peek back!

Such a steal at $36.00

So fun and simple! And with the discount it's under $30.00!!!

Obsessed with these fringe sandals!! 


  1. That kimono fringe coverup is marvelous!

  2. Cute maxi and I love the kimono. I don't have any kimonos. Might be fun over an all black maxi dress for the evening. Happy Sunday Caycee!

  3. I am loving that romper and maxi, such great pieces for Spring! Xo, Stephanie