Monday, March 2, 2015

Buy One Get One Half Off.......... Target!

 After the gym this morning I quickly popped in Target to grab a few groceries. I of course headed to the kids section to take a little peek! I fell in love with a lots of things, but sadly they didn't have Taylor's size in all of it.  This dress in particular I knew I had to have, so I when I came home I checked online!!! 

Well hotdog I am sure glad that I did!! They are having a Spring Break buy one get one half off most all summer stuff!! I am actually tempted to return the few things I bought her in store and order them online as well, because the store is not honoring the sale ;( 

Remember this collage, well it's all part of the sale today!! 

So much cuteness!! Even some cute trunks for the boys too! 

And VS finally brought back this amazing cover-up!!!

Tassel trim Cover up


  1. i bought 5 bikinis from target during this sale on sunday. "whoops"

  2. where is that last cover up from?

  3. I love this!! I had to buy my mini like everything lol :) So hard to pick