Monday, February 16, 2015

This and That..........

Did you all have a lovely weekend? I know we sure did! Daddy surprised Taylor and I with beautiful tulips and Valentine's cards. He sure knows how to make his Valentine's feel special! 

The tulips looked so pretty sitting on Taylor's dresser. I can still remember getting so excited as a little girl on Valentine's, being that my daddy also made sure to have my mom and I something special as well. 

We celebrated a very special little man that just turned five!! I swear it feels like I was just watching him at his first birthday! I love this kid so much! 

It was so cold here on Sunday so we played a lot of board games! Do you guys remember the Game of Life? As a kid, it was one of me and my brother's favorite games! So fun to play it again! 

Did you guys see my late post yesterday? So many fun spring clothes and all the ones I listed are under $100.00!! That being said with the mentioning of spring, are you guys wondering what really fun trip I am excited to tell y'all about?!? 
We are going on a DISNEY CRUISE!!!! I am beyond excited! We are leaving the day after the kids get out of school, and we are gong with some of our best friends, which just so happen to be the parents of Carson's best buddies, too! We haven't told the kids yet, and we have this great plan to surprise them the night before we leave ;) I have heard so many great things about the Disney Cruise. If any of you have been I would love to hear what you guys loved/didn't love and must-do's! With this trip not too far away I've been on the hunt for a new swimsuit and some coverups! Here are a few of the front runners (the black bikini is actually on it's way to me now). 

Vix Cover-up (on sale)

Also, you can't forget the classic flip-flop! They are also in pink here, too:)