Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hey Girl Hey!!

Being that the day to celebrate love is right around the corner, I think it's very appropriate to talk undies, bras, and sexy pajamas. Okay, sexy is pushing it, more like they're comfortable and your grandma probably wouldn't even wear them ;) 

My favorite bras
Bras are one of those things you want to make sure you get right. Hey, I am not in denial that the girls aren't what they used to be, I am completely aware that they need a little extra help lift these days. Oh yeah, and I always go nude with my bras....I know, I know, boring! 

// Perfect Shape Bra (best t-shirt bra) // Lace Push up Bra

My Favorite Panties 
Once you wear your first good pair you will never turn back to the cheap ones again;) 

Cheekini Panty // Retro Thong (simply amazing)
Hanky Panky (major sale)
Sexy Shaper (the best for tummy control)// Cheekini Panty

My Favorite Sexy/Comfy Jammies
Oh how I love love a good pair of pajamas that can be adorable and comfortable at the same time.  

And PS You guys Pottery Barn Kids just announced their Friends and Family Sale!!! Used code TJXZ-6MFL-JSHV to take 20% off of your order!


  1. Do you shop at Soma? I had never gone in there, I know I was living under a rock apparently, but my friend bought me a pair of their undies to try out (great girlfriends can do that, right?!!) and I LOVE them! I went and bought a slew of them and bras too, they are the absolute best! I came home that night and cleaned out my drawer and literally threw everything away and started new! ha ha

  2. I can't get enough of PJ sets either! They're all I wear the minute I come home from work. I'm going to have to try the undies suggestions too. There's something about new lingerie that really makes a girl feel good!

  3. I've never gone back to anything else other than Hanky Panky. But I can't get passed you only buying nude bras! lol