Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brain Dump

I feel like I have a thousand things running through my head, so I thought today would be the perfect day to do a little brain dump! 

First, we had my little man's six Ninja Turtle birthday party this past Saturday! He had an absolute blast, and that's pretty much all he could talk about on Sunday :) It made me so happy to see him so happy and excited. Three days before his party he told Todd and I that he really wanted a DS3. We explained to him that that was a very expensive gift, and that if he really wanted it, he we would have to pick five presents (from Todd and I) and donate them to a child that didn't have any toys. I couldn't have been more proud after he opened all his gifts. He picked five gifts, and most of them were ones that I know he wanted to keep, and he happily put them in a box. He said, "I bet the little boy that gets this is going to be so happy." My sweet Carson, you have one sweet, big heart and your daddy and I could not me more proud of you. 

Here a few little details:) 

Todd and I finally saw the movie, American Sniper. I can't describe all the emotions that I felt watching this movie. One of the most touching, moving, and powerful movies I have ever watched in my life. Being that it's not said near enough, thank you and God bless all the men that risk their lives to protect and serve our country! 

Last year I looked all summer and could never find a long white maxi skirt! As soon as I spotted this one for under $65.00 I promptly ordered it! Oh the possibilities with the beautiful white skirt...please hurry up and get here warm weather! 

I have been trying really hard to pack Carson and Taylor a healthy lunch for school and mother's morning out. Carson loves Lunchables, but I know they are not exactly healthy, so recently, I have attempted to home-make his lunch (and yes, I put a little sugar on his strawberries;)  So far so good, his lunch box has been clean everyday!! I ordered these adorable lunch boxes from PBK and they have been great for packing fresh food! 

Last, speaking of warmer weather and sunshine, have you guys checked out Old Navy's new arrivals?? They are so adorable and so affordable!! Loving this look so much! 

I am also loving these little slip-on shoes with the scallops. So cute!