Friday, February 27, 2015

5 on Friday............

// With each week that passes I see Carson growing from a little boy into a little man.  It's breaking this mama's heart and I am finding myself wishing for summer just so I can see him more (someone please remind me of this mid-summer when I want to pull my hair out).  Kindergarten is no joke, he is gone all day, and when he comes home he is so tired.  Sometimes when I hear him talk, I am shocked to hear all the things he already knows (not in a bad way, but in a "oh my goodness, he's so smart kinda of way").  He already has girlfriends, yes that's right, girlfriends as in plural.  He has also already been, in his words, "dumped"....are you kidding me!?!?  Ahh, I am so not ready for the girlfriends stage.  I know this is only pretend puppy love right now, but I feel like it's a glimpse of what's to come.  All this to say, I make sure every morning before school when he is still sound asleep, I quietly slip into his bed, pull him close to me, and wrap my arms around him and whisper in is ear how much I love him and how very proud I am of him.  He usually rolls over with his semi-stinky morning breath (it's not grown man stinky quite yet) and his response is, "I love you too mom, but do I still have time to play my DS?".  Haha....I always respond with, "Yes buddy, you still have time, but can you snuggle with mama just a little longer?".  He always gives me his little half smile and nods his head.  It's my favorite time, it's our time, and I am going to treasure it for as long as he will let me.

 // I feel like I am slowly becoming the crazy flower lady.  I guess it could be worse, I could be the crazy cat lady;) Oh hell, I hope I didn't just offend any cat lovers!  I am not sure what it is about fresh flowers, but they make me insanely happy, which is so funny because when I was younger I remember how much my mom loved them and I always thought that was so silly and a complete waste.  These days, the older I get, the more I love them.  They really just seem to brighten up a room like nothing else.  I usually pick mine up on Tuesdays at Harris Teeter because thats's the day they get their delivery (kinda sad I know that right).  The prices aren't bad either, three bunches for $15.00, plus they have the most gorgeous selection!  In the picture below I hit the jackpot...these bad boys were 75% off and I couldn't resist grabbing a few (or maybe 45:).  Do you girls love fresh flowers as much as I do or could you care less and think they are a waste? 

// These adorable Sperry Top-Sider shoes are marked 40% off!!  I have NEVER seen these marked that low!  I knew they would be perfect for Easter and all summer long so I grabbed Carson a pair yesterday.  Plus, I am loving the fact that they slip on and do not much easier for him to slip on and off.

Speaking of Easter, I picked up this adorable bloomer set for Taylor.  Yes, my tiny little bean can still wear 18-24 months in certain brands.  That being said, Mini Boden does run extremely large.  This set is also available in more sizes here

// I am pretty much in shock over how good the new arrivals are at Express!  I am in love with this pineapple print blouse.  You must check out this flamingo one as well (just ignore the terrible skirt they paired it with). 

// I want to get beg my daddy and Todd to build Taylor a playhouse for her birthday.  I would not be upset in the least if it looked just like this one!!  How stinking precious is this!?!?!

// Technically this is 'Six on Friday', but ecards are the best ever.  Plus, who couldn't use a good Friday laugh!