Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Workout Wednesday......

I am so happy to be bring my workouts back on the blog! I wish I could tell you it came easy for me and that I didn't struggle with my weight and working out, but that would be a lie! I have a hard time especially when it comes to nutrition and let's just face it, what you eat plays a huge role. Somehow, after my birthday I managed to put on 6 lbs and I was already over the weight I like to be at by 7 lbs. Yeah that's right, that would be a whopping 13 lbs I need to get off. That being said, 13 lbs on a 5'2 frame makes a BIG difference. I have to keep in mind, I've been able to lose it before so I know I can do it again! Bringing back my workouts on the blog is going to hold me accountable and bring consistency, both of which I need!! I hope you guys will join along with me and I would love to hear y'alls goals and results!! 

"Push Routine"

Back squats x 4 sets 20 reps/set
45-65 lbs

**TRX split squats x 4 sets (body weight) 

Standing dumbbell presses x 4 sets 15 lbs 
15 reps/set

** Upright rows x 4 sets 15lb dumbbells 
3 rounds

Broad jumps

Squat presses - 12 reps with 15lb dumbbells 

Burpees - 12 reps

My outfit details

**TRX split squats 

**Upright rows 

Along with today's workout I thought I would include some great workout gear for every type of workout! I am currently doing barre twice a week along with weight training and I am LOVING it!!
I gave yoga a try too, but it didn't go so well.....more on that next week during wine talk ;)