Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wine Talk.........

So, with the response to the last wine talk I am guessing this is something we all like ;) It really did feel good to just let it all out and I really loved hearing that you guys feel the same way a lot of the time. 

So here we go................

* Todd ended up getting sick on Monday night. By Tuesday morning he was pale, had fever, a sore throat, and could barley move. I felt so bad for him and knew it was up to me to hold down the fort. I know I sound completely lame, but I immediately had a rush of anxiety come over me. I've mentioned it before, but Todd is a BIG help around here. I didn't realize how much I take all his help for granted until I had that one full day without him. Needless to say, I didn't sit down one time on Tuesday, that is, until my head hit the pillow at 9:30 pm. But you know what, I think this was just what I needed. A little perspective on how a lot of women have it every single day. So all this to say, working mamas, stay at home mamas with husbands who work late, stay at home mamas who's husbands don't help, and all the single mamas............y'all are my freaking HEROS!!!! You guys rock and you should be told that more often! 

* The other morning I went downtown to take a few things back. There was a parking space right in front of the store that I needed to make my returns! That NEVER happens in downtown Charleston. You know what else never being able to parallel park. Yeah, to give you a little visual, I failed my driving test the first time because of this. The second time, I think the guy just felt sorry for me and he passed me. Well, I whipped my SUV in there like parallel parking was my job y'all! I may have even stopped and stared doing a little raise the roof action in the car when I looked down and also saw that I had about 15 quarters to park! So, I took my time and even browsed a little in the store. When I walked out the store I saw that little yellow ticket on my windshield. I was like, WTF!!! I then looked at the meter and like only a true blonde would do, I fed the meter for the car behind mine!!! I swear, one of these days I'll get it all together! Ha! 

* So about two weeks ago I finally decided to give yoga a try. One of my best friends takes it every week and she loves it!! I was a little hesitant because I just didn't think it was going to be my thing. But hey, you don't know until you try right? Well, that shit was BAD!!! I mean, I was tempted to excuse myself at one point. My girlfriend looked over at me in the middle of the class and said, "Oh God, you're never going to talk to me again are you?" I gave her a wink along with my shit-eating grin and said, "Hell no!" I can't exactly explain why I hated it so much, but here's a few reasons that stick out in my head: 1) I had no idea what any of the words or moves were 2) I am not flexible at all 3) The smell had be gagging (no really, all jokes aside, I gagged 3 times). I have a really sensitive nose and all that sweat in such a small room was not working for me! Needless to say, that was my first and probably my last time in yoga! 

* We are heading out on a ski trip in two weeks! I can't decide if I am more excited about skiing myself or laughing at Todd attempting to ski again! I LOVE to ski, and honestly, I am pretty good at it.  Last year was Todd's first time ever skiing, and let me just say, it was the highlight of the trip! He is very competitive and very determined. He was not giving up and he sure as hell wasn't going to stay on the bunny slopes! No, he thought the black diamond was a much better idea. I was so nervous when he said he wanted to try it so I suggested we let a ski instructor watch us both go down a green and let the instructor decide if we were ready.  He agreed, so I came down pretty fast and smoothy with no falls. I look behind me and here comes Todd backwards down the slope. The instructor looked at me and said, "Ma'am, you're good to go, but you really need to keep your husband over here for the day!!" Todd got the the bottom and said, "Well, what did the instructor say?" I laughed and said, "He said you need to stay over here today, honey." Oh, that pissed Todd off and he could not for the life of him figure out why the instructor would say that. Haha!! Needless to say, he went down the black diamond numerous times......with quite a few falls ;)  Oh goodness, wish us luck and pray for no broken bones in two weeks! 

And what's wine talk without some hilarious e-cards!?!