Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wine Talk.........

I am so excited about today. I want this to be a day where, as women and moms, we can just let it all out!! I have finally figured out in my thirty years of being here that life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!! That being said, sometimes it's really funny and refreshing to hear about those not so perfect moments! 

* To start things off, let's talk about the fact that my butt and legs aren't exactly tiny. I don't feel that I am fat, but I would be lying if I told you that I have accepted that and have moved on as far as my butt and legs. I still think that somehow, someway I am going to shrink these puppies down, all while still enjoying my occasional Taco Bell;) To make matters worse, the other day in barre class, I got stuck beside Barbie Longlegs in the gym. Y'all, I am talking 5'9, legs for days, and thigh gap like I've never seen. Oh, and she had great hair. I jokingly said to my friend after class,  "I am glad I got stuck beside her because every time I looked in the mirror all I could think was that the girl looks like she ate a lot of carrots over vacation while it appears I ate a Kardashian."  She and I both dyed laughing and her comeback was, "it was definitely Courtney though." Haha...stop playing, you know it was Kim!

* Cooking a healthy family dinner in my house just never quite turns out like I had envisioned it in my head. I flip through my cookbooks, search Google, and stalk Pinterest to find the perfect healthy recipe that my entire family will love eat. Perfect example is the chicken Marsala I made the other day. I thought for sure I could hold the mushrooms and cut the chicken up in perfect squares and my kids would gobble it up. Not a chance!!! Carson's first words after taking a bite were, "I am going to spit up, this taste like rotten fish." My response was, "well, if you don't eat my rotten, fish tasting chicken you don't get dessert tonight or any other snack for that matter." The battle went on and he left the table taking only two bites. Later that night, I caved and gave him yogurt and string cheese before bed. Please tell me this happens at y'alls house?? I just can't stand the thought of my child going to bed hungry, but I hate cooking two meals and I want him to try different things. 

* Over Christmas our neighbors across the street had one of those big blow up Mickey's. Taylor was instantly obsessed and begged to go see it every single night! One night it was cold and rainy, but she wanted to see Mickey and wasn't giving up. I looked at Todd and said, "I guess we've got to go see that 'daggum' Mickey again tonight.". Well, Taylor heard me and from that night on she would say, "I wanna go see 'daggum' Mickey." She told her teachers about 'daggum' Mickey, her grandparents about 'daggum' Mickey, and even now she still talks about that 'daggum' Mickey! Todd and I still laugh every time she says it! Thank goodness I didn't say, "that 'd@mn' Mickey."  Whoa, could you imagine the looks we would get from that. 

* I am finally on the right dosage of Lexapro with no bad side effects!! Can I get a whoop whoop!! And I have never felt better in my life. I feel like I finally know exactly who I am, and that my friends, is an amazing feeling and one that I have never felt before. I used to be so embarrassed that I had to take medication, but I don't feel that way anymore and it's so refreshing! A friend once told me that anxiety is just like any other type of disease and if medication helped your disease you should take it. So y'all slap me if I try to stop taking my meds again because "I think I can handle it on my own." I probably could handle it, but I can handle it a lot happier taking them! 

* I am not a morning person at all!!!! Todd gets up every single morning at 4:30, goes to the gym and he's home by 6. He bounces around like the Energizer bunny and is so perky. It drives me nuts, mainly because I am jealous that I don't have that much energy. Ha!  Lucky for me, being that he has that much energy he always makes me coffee and brings it to me in bed, so for that, I am very thankful! It's more like this every morning for me!

Last, I leave you with a few of my favorite e-cards. Is there anything better than a good laugh until you cry ecard?