Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thoughts on a Tuesday...........

* How adorable are these little heart shaped pizzas?! I think they would be so fun for Carson and I to make together. Plus, aren't they just perfect for Valentines Day...which isn't too far away! 

* A look alike of my vest that I wore for our family pictures just arrived at Nordstrom. I had received a few emails about the one I was wearing, but it was all sold out so I thought I would share this one!

Speaking of Nordstrom  this scarf that I wore here just got reduced to $12.90!!! What a crazy steal that is!!! 

* I have been drooling over this sweater for months now, and they just marked it 60% off!! I think I may have to grab this one!! 

* I am so disappointed with Victoria's Secret and their swim collection this year:( 

Umm, no. I don't see how this style would be flattering anyone! 

I actually love the colors of this one, but what's up with all the strings and tassels!?!?

And don't get me started on this one..... yuck! 

I think I'll just stick to their pajamas this summer, which are adorable by the way. 

* I've got a new girl crush!! She has great hair, a great body (that she worked hard for), and she seems sweet as pie! I am so inspired by this girl! Make sure, if you haven't already, to check out Natalie's blog!

* I am really digging the look of the high waisted, flared jeans. I know y'all remember when these were cool?!? They make me feel taller and I think they slim out your waist. Those two things are always a plus for me :) 

Paige high rise -on sale 

How's that for a Tuesday of randomness and half dressed hotties ;)