Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lilly Sale tips........

Hey guys are y'all as excited as I am about the big sale tomorrow!!! I can not wait!!! Incase this is your first time shopping the sale or if you've ever had a bad experience, here a few tips to make it go more smoothly!! 

ONE // Make an account now!!! You can do that easily right  here!!!

TWO // Shop fast and checkout often!!! 

THREE // Shipping is FREE!!! So if you see something you want put in in your cart and checkout right away!! 

FOUR // The Elsa tops go pretty fast, so if you want one of those don't hesitate. I think they run on the larger size, so size down if you are between sizes! 

FIVE // Have fun and I hope you get all the pretty Lilly that you've been lusting over!! 

Here's a little peek of just a few things that will be on sale!! 

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