Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big Girl Room.....

Slowly but surely Taylor is growing right out of her little toddler bed. Well really, it's more like she wants mama to lay down with her, and mama is growing right out of her bed ;) 

I am actually feeling a little stumped as far as the direction that I want to go in setting up her big girl room. I know what I like, but I am sure not sure about how to set it up and how to go about arranging the space. The bed she is currently sleeping in turns into a full size bed, but I am not sure I love it. Plus, I would have to buy the converter set and it's $200.00! Here are two looks that I am really loving! The rug, dresser, chandelier, and wall color are staying the same. 

Here's a picture of what her room looks like now so you can get a better idea. 

 Bed // Nightstand // Frame // Clock // Painting

Bed  // Nightstands // Art  // Pillows