Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This and That.........

One of my friends tagged me in this video over the weekend and I have now watched it at least ten times. Every time I watch it it gets funnier and funnier. Please, if you're a mom you have to watch this video, I promise you will crack up! Up until now I thought Taylor Swift was saying Starbucks in this song, so this made me laugh even harder! 

OK, so now that you've all had a good laugh here are some fun things that went down around here this weekend. 

*** Updated a few of you on Instagram wanted to know where  todays scarf was from, and I know the liketoknowit can be confusing so here are the details ;) 

Sweater from local boutique Simply j Boutique // Scarf 50% off // Jeans almost identical here // boots similar

* We spent Friday evening doing our favorite thing......... porch snuggling by the fire. Complete with S'mores of course! 

* Saturday morning Todd and I took the kids out to brunch and afterwards we took them to the bookstore to get some new Christmas books. I swear our kids could stay in the bookstore all day, especially now that Barnes and Nobles has a Lego table.

We left with these two cute books. 

 Earlier that morning we dropped Rocky off at Fetch Doggie Daycare to get a bath and let him play with his pup friends. Carson was really concerned he was going to miss us and thought we should have him a few doggie surprises when he got home! Yeah, Merry early Christmas, Rocky! I swear, picking out that bed and those dog toys was the highlight of Carson's day! 

Saturday evening Todd and I had a tacky Christmas sweater party to attend and we managed to sneak away early for a quick dinner. If you are local you must stop in and try the pizza at Al Di La. It was amazing!  

And yeah, we had fun at the party ;) 

Oh yeah, Carson and I got really busy in the kitchen this weekend too!! Watch out for tomorrow's post because I am sharing the most delicious cookie recipe! For today, you should definitely make this Christmas cookie bark. It was super easy and super yummy!

Last,  Shopbop is having an additional 20% off all sale!! And keeping with my new scarf obsession this one  is coming home with me!