Thursday, December 11, 2014

Little Things......

This post is more for the memory book, it's just some of the fun memories we've made during the holiday season that I don't want to forget. 

So far, this has been the best holiday season yet. I think it's the fact that Taylor and Carson are a little older this year and they are both really into Christmas. I have very vivid memories of Christmas when I was Carson's age and I remember it being the most magical time of my life. I hope that our kids look back and remember all the fun we had celebrating! 

They wake up every morning so excited and they can't wait to see where Sammy and Susie are hiding (those are our elves by the way). They have been all over the place this year...... sneaky little critters.

One new tradition that we started this year is going to a real tree farm and picking out our Christmas tree. I can not tell you how much fun this was for the kids and seeing their sweet faces so happy made my heart melt.

We have already visited the Festival of Lights twice this year. Truly the most beautiful Christmas lights you will ever see. Not to mention, the most real looking Santa and the coolest train ride. Also, they have S'mores, funnel cakes, and the most delicious kettle popcorn you will ever taste! 

Both of the kids have also come home with the most precious crafts this year. 

We have decorated every inch of the house. Both kids have their own Christmas tree in their rooms this year. Taylor loves her "princess house", but she gets so darn mad that it doesn't open. Ha! 

Carson begged to put the star on top of the big tree, but when Todd lifted him up there he got really nervous. He kept saying, "I am a little nervous because it's pretty high.", but luckily he placed it right on top the first try (I could tell he was so proud of himself). 

I love my little family so very much and I know one day I will love looking back on these little memories we made. 


  1. aww so cute! i cant wait to do elf on the shelf when our baby is born/old enough to notice ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. It really is so fun Jillian!! You will love it!

  2. Such great memories!! Your house looks awesome. So sweet that Carson got nervous- glad he got it on the first try

    1. Thanks Nat!! Yes me too, poor fella gets nervous over anything high ;)

  3. I loved this post! Traditions are so special and you are making such great ones with your little family. Your kids are so adorable! It looks like your Christmas card is beautiful as well!