Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chocolate Sugar Cookies.............

I am so excited about this fun new series!! We've decided to make Sundays our day to get in the kitchen and get messy! Daddy is home to watch our sweet princess tornado so Carson and I have no distractions. 

This week we decided on Chocolate Sugar Cookies! I found this recipe from the blog Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate, so if chocolate is your thing you need to check this blog out ;) 

These cookies were really good, but my consistency looked nothing like the ones from her blog. Not sure what step I missed or if maybe I didn't measure correctly, but either way, they were still yummy! Mine came out more like a cake batter texture and they actually reminded me of a devil's food cookie. Plus, we did add a little powdered sugar to make ours look pretty and taste a little sweeter! If you look closely at them you can tell they needed the extra loving. Ha! 

 He LOVES mixing the batter and turning the speed up really high! Ha, maybe that's why our consistency was off ;) 

And with fun, there's always messes. He wanted to pour the vanilla and he spilled a little. Thank goodness it wasn't over the bowl. Could you imagine the taste of that?!

Watch out ladies, this kid's going to be one heck of a baker! 

I hope you guys will join along in our 5 weeks of baking because I am so excited to see which cookie was everyone's favorite!

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