Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The really funny gift................

Happy Hump Day and Happy almost Thanksgiving you guys!! We are packing up the car tonight and heading out bright and early tomorrow morning to spend Thanksgiving with our families. I am already dreaming about my daddy's turkey and my mama's cornbread dressing!! 

Do you guys give funny gifts in your family? We don't usually, but after my discovery of these hilarious gifts from Nordstrom I think we might start. Or maybe I'll take one of these to the white elephant exchange I have coming up. This one would surely be put to use and give us all a good laugh! No really, I want one for myself. 

Tell me you are't cracking up over some of these? I mean, the selfie snap may just be my favorite! 

You guys, the reviews swear this stuff works! I think we could all use anything that helps with a hangover, especially with all the holiday parties ;) 

So, if you need a good laugh over the holidays be sure you check out the Wit and Wonder section!! 

Hope you all have wonderful Thanksgiving and I will see you guys Friday to kick off all the good sales!! I am planning on knocking out the rest of my Christmas shopping on Friday and Monday!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.