Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday

ONE // 
I received the most thoughtful gift ever from my dear friend Lauren. I seriously have never met a group of girls as kind hearted as the ones that I am lucky enough to call my friends. Out of all the gifts I have ever been given, this one not only made me smile, but made me realize just how blessed I truly am. She gave me a booklet that is filled with scriptures, words of encouragement (to help with my anxiety), and sweet notes from all my friends and even Todd :) 

Lauren and one of her friends just opened up an Etsy site here.  What a special gift to give someone you love. They would also make a sweet, unexpected stocking stuffer. 

TWO // 

Sweet little Taylor has been sick all week again. We are thinking about taking her in to see a specialist for her never ending fever. Last fall and winter the same thing happened, she ran fever all the time. The strange thing is she never has any other symptoms and they just rule it as a virus every time we take her to her pediatrician. She's so pitiful when the fever peeks , but as soon as the Tylenol kicks in she's a happy little camper. Have any of you mamas ever experienced anything like this? My friend mentioned we should have her checked for autoimmune disease, which totally freaks me out, but so do these reoccurring high fevers. I am just ready to see this spunky little smiley face again:) 

I have, however, gotten lots of snuggle time with little bug. I have also been able to live in my leggings and Ugg slippers. Most sizes are gone in these, but here are similar ones for $20.00 more. 

A few of you emailed me about my outfit I posted on Instagram yesterday. I know the thing can be a little confusing. All you do is sign up here with your email address and then when I post an outfit and you like it the details will go straight to your inbox. 

This sweater is so soft and comfy. 

Outfit Details
Booties similar // Tote

FOUR // 
This little girls room is to die for. I love how soft and clean it feels. 

FIVE // 
I leave you with this, as I have a dryer full of clothes that I have dried 5 times now ;) Haha!! Does anyone else have this problem?