Monday, October 27, 2014

This and That

Happy Monday Loves!! Did you all have a great weekend? I feel like we crammed in more than enough activities, fun, and projects all into one weekend. 

On Friday we had a wedding! Oh my, we had fun...maybe a little too much fun. The night ended with a dance off, sore feet, and Taco Bell................need I say more?  How funny that me and two of my girlfriends wore red? Haha, and no that was not planned :) It was such a beautiful night and the bride looked so stunning. Great memories were definitely made!

On Saturday, we ran errands most of the morning. That afternoon, Todd and our friend/neighbor, Zach, worked on wiring the outdoor TV wires behind the wall and later we had our 2nd annual neighborhood hayride. 

I wish I could have got some better pictures, but it was dark and this was the best I could do. It was so much fun and I was so proud of Carson for changing his mind and deciding to ride. We actually had no tears and all the boys thought the "scary people", AKA - the dads, were actually funny. 

Sunday was another day of running around and projects! Todd hung my new drum over the breakfast table, Carson and I grabbed our pumpkins to carve, and we ended the night with grilled burgers on the deck! 

Oh yeah, and we started the morning with these yummy rolls along with some bacon. I wish I could tell you I made them, but I've got to give old Pillsbury credit for this one! 

On another note, so sorry I didn't link the correct link to the soup on Friday. Here's the correct link :) 

We are supposed to have some cooler weather this week and even cooler the next week. I've got my eye on some comfortable, yet still "pulled together" if you will, tunic and leggings. 

I love this look for the fall and winter. 

And I'll leave you with a funny e-card :) I am off to the gym, then the grocery store, and then to grab a few more paint samples!