Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Randoms on a Tuesday...........

We made these brussel sprouts this past weekend and they were amazing!! Probably not the most healthy version, but delicious none the less!!! 

I am so smitten with this poncho!! Can you believe it's under $40.00!?! I can picture myself snuggled on the porch with this one. 

This mirror  is stunning and I really want it for my dining room, but my concern is the wood isn't dressy enough for a dining room? The details are so amazing, so maybe I could make it work. What are y'alls thought? 

I also have my eye on this one too, but my worry here is that it is too dressy or just too much glass and bling.

Speaking of the dining room, I am  planning on ordering this chandelier. I love the look and I could not believe the price for this thing! 

I am wondering if I would be safer going with this one in our dining room?

This sweater is currently marked down and it is so dreamy!! Now to decide which color I like best.

I've officially decided this is my dream shower!! 

These cinnamon rolls are haunting me!! I may just have to make these this weekend!! 

Last, how beautiful are these white blooms!?! I would have my house filled everyday with fresh flowers if I could, there is just something about them that make me smile.