Monday, October 13, 2014

Our weekend........

Hello friends and hello Monday. Did you all have a fun weekend? 

Saturday around lunch time we headed out for the day. We had plans with a bunch of our friends to go to the Southern Ground music and food festival. We have done this for the past two years, and we always have so much fun!! We always rent a big bus, and I must say, the ride back home are always the best :) Zac Brown was so amazing this year, he had us all dancing, laughing, and most of us even crying. Okay, maybe it was just the girls crying, but he is unbelievable in concert. 

And because Todd always thinks it's hilarious to snap pictures before you are ready or after you think you are done I had to include this one. Haha, how funny are our faces !

Sunday morning the kiddos were up bright and early! Thank goodness for an awesome husband who let me sleep in! We ended up heading downtown around 10 for the day to grab some brunch and let the kids play at waterfront park. 

Yeah, if there's ever chicken and biscuits on the menu I have no willpower! I mean NONE!! 
Eli's Table did not disappoint either, even the kids gobbled up their pancakes. 

They had a blast splashing around in the water! It was so hot here on Sunday you guys!

We ended the day with a family trip to Walmart for groceries and pizza. Oh the things you see at Walmart, always so entertaining ;) But I swear, they have the best pizzas! 

Since the sun had gone down and it felt great outside we decided to eat on the deck while the kids played in the backyard. 

Oh the little beggar, always at your feet waiting for something to drop :) 

It was great weekend from start to end, complete with spooky Halloween cookies right out of the oven! 


  1. I have been promising Sterling Halloween cookies all week, I need to get on it!! Your black dress looked awesome on you!!

  2. Love this!!! I need to get on the holiday baking.

  3. dang keyboard is low on batteries and cut me off. ha! But I'mmmmm baaaack. ha! Anyway, obsessed with your black dress and cowboy boots. That's one of my favorite go-to outfits :)


  4. Gotta love a good music festival or concert! x

  5. looks like an awesome weekend! i really need to go back to Eli's table! those biscuits look so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love Zac Brown!!

  7. What a fun weekend!! Happy Monday :)

  8. What a fun weekend! My boyfriend won tickets but we had to attend a wedding. He said maybe next year he will take me :-)

  9. How cute are you girls in dresses and cowboy boots?! Adorable!

  10. Missed ZB this year sadly. Your puppy is so cute! New?

  11. I am so sad I didn't make it to year DEFINITELY. Y'all are so cute in your boots!