Monday, September 22, 2014

This and That........

Hope you guys all had a lovely weekend. We had great time celebrating special birthdays, visiting with family, and hanging out with friends. Sadly, I left my big camera behind so I didn't get too many pictures. 

It is so hard to believe that my niece and nephew are seven years old! I swear it seems like yesterday they were little peanuts just being born. 

My brother and his wife just built their forever home, and I must say, every room in it is just dreamy! Oh, and their closet and bathroom you guys....swoon! 

On Saturday night we headed over to one of Todd's best friend's house so he could have a birthday drink with his buddies and watch some football. That night we ended up staying at his parents cabin and woke up to the most beautiful sunrise on Sunday. I must admit as much as I love the city there is something so calm and peaceful about the country. 

The kids always love it out there. The animals are their favorite of course, even the ones made of stone;) 

* In other news, my dress from last year came back in stock at Ruche. I know a lot of you asked about it this summer so if you are still interested you can get one here. I love mine and I can't wait to wear it this fall with boots and booties! 

* Last, how beautiful is this necklace!! My friend Mary Katherine makes these along with many other gorgeous necklaces and bracelets! I know, crazy talented right!!! If you guys are interested in anything from her shop she is offering 10% off with the code Caycee07. You can check out of her stuff on her Instagram here.