Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kitchen things.......

Dear, oh dear, I had no idea how many little decisions I would need to make when we decided to update the kitchen. 

I have been having tons of fun picking out little things, but I am struggling making final decisions. So, I thought I would ask you guys what you thought! I love getting your feedback and hearing you opinions on what you think looks best. 

I am trying to keep this project as budget friendly as possible, while still getting the look I want.

Sadly, it looks like I may not be able to knock out the wall above the bar. I am really bummed about this as I had my heart set on pendant lights. My contractor said it wouldn't be worth the cost in his opinion. I have yet to ask exactly what it would be so maybe there is still hope. 

So lets start with some fun stuff shall we?

Counter tops
There was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to go with marble counters, but after my first post I had about 10 emails telling me NOT to get marble. It is horrible upkeep and with kids its just not practical! Ugh, so I am off today to go look at my other options. I have in my head a few that I am leaning towards, but I want to see them in person. Looks like it's going to be quartz for the win. A few I will be looking at today. Does anyone have this in your kitchen? Do you love it?

Here are some kitchens with quartz that I love.

I have fallen in love with the farmhouse sink, but I have yet to find one with a price I love. The best price I have found is this one from Lowe's. The only other option that I like is this one, and it's half the price. What would you do, go with the original or save and go with the cheaper one?

Cheaper version 

Real farmhouse sink 

Last on the list today.......faucets. I mean, who knew there were so many choices and who knew how expensive they could be?? I am going to go with polished chrome since that is what the existing hardware already is. I've decided the hardware we have now is going to stay. I just updated that a few years ago and since I decided against brass I am going to keep the polished chrome. I found a few options on Overstock that I am leaning towards. Do you guys have a favorite?