Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thoughts on a Wednesday!!!

* First, thank y'all so much for all your advice and thoughts on our kitchen!! It was such a huge help and I can't wait to make some final decisions (of course y'all will be he first to know)! And one day in my dream house I would like this kitchen. Please and thank you!

* Today is the very last day to shop the Lilly sale! Still so many great pieces and sizes!
My purchase yesterday included this topthese shorts (in pink), this sweater and this dress!! 

Here's my top picks under $50.00

And here are mine under $100.00 

And I am really considering this cardigan  and this tunic for a cover-up today! I'll update you guys today if they add anymore 'must haves'.

Yep they did it!!!! 2 of the best dresses in my opinion were just added!!! And so was this adorable necklace that is pictured with both dresses!!!!

* I am so very proud of my little guy. He has done so great with his first two days of kindergarten. I, however, have been struggling a little with breakfast ideas. My main goal is to make sure his tummy is completely full so he can focus and that he stays full until lunch time. I went on a little search and found some great ideas so I thought I would share.  

Carson LOVES doughnuts so I am really hoping these will be a hit!

* I tried out the Younique mascara last week and all I've got to say is WOW!! This stuff is amazing...makes your eyelashes double in length and thickness. I think I am officially hooked.
I tried to do a little before and after for you, but the pictures don't quite do it justice! And please excuse the bad lighting and way too up-close in your face shots!

Top with one coat of Lash power mascara // Bottom row with Younique applied on top.

* I am loving these flats for fall.  I know they would go with everything and Yosi hands down makes the most comfortable shoes ever!! 

My sandals I am wearing below are like walking on clouds, or what I imagine walking on clouds would feel like ;) 

* Last, I am looking so forward to me and Todd's little getaway this weekend. We decided on The Sanctuary and we have lot's of fun things planned. The one we are most excited about is the adult twilight paddling. Doesn't that sound fun!!? I have a feeling we will also be spending lots of time at the adult only pool. It looks beautiful!!!