Monday, August 18, 2014

My Lilly Favorites....but hurry!!!!

Here's a little sneak peek on my favorites from the sale!!! I mean wow, it's crazy good this year!! 
This dress may be the best deal ever!!! And IPhone cases for $9.00 yes please!!!

 Shop the entire sale HERE!!!!

Don't forget the about the Mini's, the prices are so low this year!! I've grabbed Taylor some precious things!

***Ahh they brought back this vest too!!!!!

This one is pure perfection. And these maxis are going to go so fast!!!

This one is my favorite!!! And they just added this one in all sizes!!!


  1. Just did serious damage.. make me feel better and say you did too :)

    1. YES!!! Feel better my love as I am still over here doing damage!!!! haha!! xoxo

  2. Yes I did some damage this morning too! The prices are too good not too

  3. I feel ya on the damage! But in my mind I just rationalize it as saving money next summer, right?