Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kitchen Updates + a few other things...........

Carson and I survived his first day of Kindergarten. When I left and we were both in tears. probably one of the hardest thing I have ever had to do as a mama, leaving your first born in tears for an entire day is no fun! But Carson had a great first day, and came home and told me it was awesome an he couldn't wait to go back!!!

Thank goodness I had the Lilly Sale to help me keep my mind off of everything :) There are still so many great things, I have a feeling I may hit the checkout button a few more times :) 
This sweater was just added and I made sure to pick it up in the cream!! I love cream in the fall and winter!

Here are some more items that were listed late afternoon, and most sizes are still available. I would grab what you want now as you now sizes don't last long with this sale! And if nothing else get this dress, would be perfect for fall with boots! Also, this one was just added in navy and white!
Ahh and this blouse that I am wearing today is marked down to $48.00!!

So Todd and I have been talking for a while now about making some updates to our kitchen. When our house was built 7 years ago someone else picked out all the flooring, cabinets, counters, and hardware. Surprisingly, I really love most of what was picked out, and we've only made very minimal changes since then. The kitchen though, has been the one thing that I have been dying to change! It's not terrible by any means, it's just not what I love, or what I would have picked.

So here's our thoughts................ And PLASE share you opinions or advice with me, I would love to here your favorites, or if any of you have been through this process before any tips you have!

New Counters- Either pearl white granite or marble. And extend the bar out more.

Cabinets- Paint a bright high gloss white. They are a really light and I mean very light off white. But I feel like as soon as I add in all the white with the counters and backsplash they will look cream. I do though wish I could get around painting these.

Backsplash- I love classic white subway tiles. But I am open to looking at other options.

Hardware- I actually changed this about two years ago, but I am thinking about changing it again to maybe brass. What's your thoughts, should I just leave it?

Lights- I am not sure how with all the recess lighting we have, but I would love to do something kind of like these maybe?  Also above our bar area I would like some lights, but I feel it's too low with the box they built around it.

So here we are now. 

And here are some of my inspiration pictures. 

How fun that they have the same stools as my new ones. Really more like I have their stools.