Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brain Dump.........

I feel like Wednesday is a great day to let it all out! I always feel like I have a lot on my mind mid- week so it's the perfect brain dump time. 

* I may have done a little, actually, big happy dance when I heard the news that Nordstrom just started their 40% off clearance sale!!! Ahh..... y'all there were a few things from the sale last month that went so freaking fast I didn't get the chance to grab them, so I was so happy to see some of it brought back!!!
 Let's chat about the must haves first.

Let's all freak out together that they finally marked these down!!! Prettiest shoe Tory has ever made!
If you did not grab this jacket you need to now! It's so much better in person and the color is so much prettier. Totally horrible picture snapped with my phone, but I promise it's amazing!! The leather is unreal soft! I got a size small so I could wear sweaters under it too.

This is one of the bags I really wanted and it was seriously gone in one day!! Not letting it get away this time!

And here's the rest of the story................. I mean the rest of the sale ;) So many good things!!!!
Also, my tank worn here, is now 40% off!!!

* I had a contractor come look at our kitchen. I am very excited and found out that we could raise the area above the bar so I can add pendant lights!!!! I have a few that I like, but these are at the top of my list. I can't decide though if it's too much white?

I also found out that my existing sink has gotta go. ;(  I actually loved our sink and didn't really want to have to put more money into that, but on the bright side I am now obsessed with a farmhouse sink!! Anyone know where I can find one under $700.00???

* Is this dress a good idea or not? I really want to add in some plaid this year, but I look like a short man when I put on a plaid button up. No really, I do :) I was thinking this would be such a cute look belted with booties?

* How stinking cute are these skirted leggings ? I am in need of some new workout pants for fall so I planning to add these.

* We are all slowly getting into the routine of Carson being at kindergarten all day. I am still pretty sad about it, but he's loving it!! Plus, I am getting some much needed one on one time with Taylor and that has been so nice. She is such a mess and she says the funniest things all the time! 

Last, I have been making a real effort to try and stay away from unhealthy foods. The struggle is real folks and these s'mores aren't making it easy on a girl! How fun would it be to host supper club and have a s'mores bar for dessert? I mean, Holy Deliciousness!!!