Thursday, August 28, 2014

An average day..........with a toddler and kindergartner

So, I sometimes get the question what do you do all day?  I actually really enjoy reading what other peoples days are generally like so I thought I would give you guys a little peek into ours. It has really changed recently with Carson going to kindergarten so I thought it would be fun to document how it is right now.

6:00- I wake up go straight for a cup of coffee, fix my breakfast, and if I am lucky sneak in a few minutes of quiet time before Taylor wakes up. She is usually ready to rock and roll by 6:15- 6:30 at the latest. 

6:30- Taylor is awake so I make her breakfast and milk. Todd is just coming in the door from the gym, so we chat for a little while why he makes himself breakfast. I usually go ahead and wake Carson up during this time so he will have time to eat and get dressed.

6:30-7:30- We are all running around trying to get it all together. I usually put on a TV show for the kids while I attempt to get ready, pack Carson's lunch, and get him dressed. When I say attempt to get ready I mean I usually just pull my hair back, brush my teeth, and throw on a little makeup (unless I have plans that day, then I wait until the boys leave and I will take a "real" shower).

7:30- Todd leaves to take Carson to school before heading to the office. At the moment Taylor is home with me, but she will start MMO next week in the mornings so my day will change a little from how it is now.

8-10- This is my favorite time with Taylor, she is wide awake and full of energy. Since it's not blazing hot outside at this time she and I will usually go outside, maybe go for a bike ride (I take Todd's since his has the seat on it), go to the park, or just chill inside and play. She has really been into my old doll house lately so we play that a lot! It is so sweet watching her play house just like I used to do. 

10-1- We usually try and get out of the house around this time. I go stir crazy sitting around all day. We either go meet friends for lunch (this happened a lot this summer, and yes, she is with me for ladies lunch ;), go to the pool, the bookstore, or just hit up Target and run errands.

1-3- Taylor goes down for her nap and I work on my blog, respond to emails, and usually start to prep what we are going to have for dinner. This time is precious to me, but probably when I feel the busiest. I just know it's crutch time and I only have a few hours so I've got to get it done.

3pm- Taylor wakes up and immediately requests her milk and Mickey Mouse. She likes to just chill for about 30 minutes and wake up good. She is either really ill or really snugly during this time, you never know what you might get :) 

3:30- Carson gets home and we are all very excited to see him! He will usually chat with me about his day then he is ready to play his Wii. I have been trying to only let him play for about 30 minutes, but I know he's tired from school and just wants a few minutes to zone out. Taylor usually colors, paints, or we do stickers. She is really into stickers right now, she could sit and play with them for hours if I would let her. 

4-5pm- This is always a toss up. We either play outside, play inside, go to a neighbors house and play, or have neighbor over here. 

5-5:30- Todd comes home and we hang out for a bit. Todd does a lot of grilling for dinner so he and the kids will usually go outside while he grills and I will get whatever sides we are having together. 

(Carson now gets to help cook at night as part of his homework. Isn't that awesome!)

6pm- We all sit down and have dinner together. If the kids eat good they will get some kind of snack or dessert, if not, dinner moves pretty fast. 

6:30- 7pm- Todd takes them up for bath time while I clean the kitchen, or if we have time we take a family walk or bike ride. Lots of times while Todd is bathing them I will take a bath myself and get my pajamas on. I love getting in my pajamas early!

7pm- We try and start to get Taylor ready for bed and Carson works on his homework. His homework is not traditional homework, its really quite neat. It's called Learning Extensions. Here's a full explanation of what this is below. We all love it!  

7:30-8pm- They both get one book, then off to bed. They are usually both asleep by 8! Sometimes Carson maybe closer to 8:30 depending.

8-10pm- Todd and I hang out. We usually get in the bed and talk, watch tv, or he reads. Something we plan to start this week is reading together. Todd suggested we read a chapter of The Magic aloud to each other every night until we finish it. I am actually pretty excited about this and I can't wait to report back as far as what I think of the book. 

* Now, this is just an example of a day in our life. My days are not exactly the same everyday. I have a sitter once occasionally twice a week in the mornings so I can train, run errands, hair appointment, etc. Sometimes Todd will come home on his lunch break so I can make a quick run to the gym too. At the beginning of the summer I signed up for a gym with childcare, but my kids never liked it and I just wasn't comfortable taking them knowing they felt this way. So gym time has been a little tricky this summer :) 

* Todd and I also do a date night once a week, so obviously between 6-9 on Tuesday's things run a little differently. They love our Tuesday night sitter and are always so excited to see her so that makes it much easier to leave them. 

Wowza that was a lot, if you are still reading, bless your heart. Ha! So in a nutshell, this is a little peek at a day in our life.