Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Balloons............

So you know how in your head you envision something, and it's beautiful, amazing, and the best idea you've ever had....well, that's the thought I had in my head when I spotted these balloons. I pictured Taylor and I twirling around all smiles with these big beautiful balloons, yeah well, it did't quit go down like that. 

It was hot, Taylor wasn't feeling it, I was officially hungry from my cleanse, and Carson kept wanting to punch the balloons, you know because he'a a boy and that's cool. I looked at Todd when we left and I said, "This did not go down like I had pictured in my head." His response, "Yeah, that was horrible, bad idea Caycee". I was thinking the entire way home, I bet we didn't even get one good picture. And I actually waited until the next day to download them for the fear I would be so disappointed. 

I was so so wrong! They turned about better than I could have imagined, and to be honest, I am still not sure how this happened. It was like it was a total different day looking back at the pictures, almost identical to the day I had pictured in my head in the beginning. 

Either way, I am so happy to have these pictures of me and my sweet baby girl at this precious, yet sassy age.

*Warning it's a picture overload.*

Outfit Details
Maxi Dress // Bracelet  // 
Taylor's bubble Pixie Lily / Balloons c/o