Monday, August 25, 2014

7 Years..........................

Seven years ago today we said I do. I knew without a doubt that I was marrying the man of my dreams. What I didn't know was how much we would grow together and how much his love would teach me. 

 He's my rock, my biggest fan, and he always shows me love and patience no matter the situation. He's one of kind. I don't know a more gentle soul in all the world. Todd would give the shirt off his back to a complete stranger if they needed it.   

He loves with everything he has in him. He tells me all the time how much he loves me, and you know what, I can tell he means it. He loves me for all my flaws (and believe me I have a few;), but instead of pointing them out and telling me how to fix them, he tells me that's why he loves me the most.

He's always willing to be silly with me even though he knows he ain't got moves like Jagger :) 

I know that people say this all the time, but I truly mean it. I don't know what I would without him. He's my better half and the person that makes me complete.

I could write a completely separate post on what an amazing father he is to our children. I have never witnessed a love like I see when he is with them. It really is magical. 

Thank you Lord for blessing me with this amazing man. 

And, thank you for blessing us with great friends and family that build us up as individuals and as a couple. What an amazing day filled with love it was!

Happy seven years Todd, I love you!