Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 on Thursday..........

 I made the most delicious lima bean salad on Tuesday. I have made a ton of bean salads and I must say this one is definitely in the top 3!! I have cooked a healthy meal for the family three nights in a row. Whoop whoop!  I know Todd is digging all the home cooked meals :) 

Recipe Via

Carson and I have a special date day today. I have a sitter coming to watch Taylor while Carson and I go see a movie, get ice cream, and at his request, pick up donuts! I can't believe he starts kindergarten in 4 days, man I am going to miss my boy. I love having dates with just the two of us!
We are planning to see Planes Fire and Rescue. Has anyone seen this, was it good?

I am not sure why, but I love a lace dress so very much! This one is no exception either! It comes in black and white and they are both on sale!! I love the detail on the sleeves. 

Pumpkin and chocolate chips together may just be the best idea ever. Not that I would ever bake these and eat the whole batch, but I think I should probably just drool at them from the screen. 

This little girls room is TO DIE FOR!!! I love every little thing about it! Oh, and those lamps over the beads are amazing!!


  1. Get that lace dress would be fab on you! and love that room too! Have fun at the movies!

  2. The room is dreamy! Those cookies...

  3. We saw the movie with my 5 and 2 year old boys-they loved it! Have fun!
    LOOOVE that room too:)

  4. yummmm those cookies look so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. If you love pumpkin choc chip, check out skinny taste blog's pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Super easy and healthy but delicious! (Like dessert for breakfast!) I sub in applesauce for oil to make them even yummier! Can't wait to try that bean recipe!

  6. I saw the movie with my little one and I thought it was great! :)

  7. LOVE the lace dresses in both black & white! And I love that you do dates with your little man - I do too and they are my favorite. Little boys are so sweet on their mamas and it melts my heart.

  8. Have such a fun time on your date!!! What a lucky little boy and what a fun memory for you!! PS Those cookies...YUM!

  9. that salad looks awesome! oh man that dress. yes!!

  10. I have 3 girls and I always carve out one on one time with each one~ love the girls room. I am in Operation re-do master bedroom mode..

  11. Oh my! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?! I need to bookmark that recipe for later! :) Love that lace dress! Very pretty!

  12. Oh I can't wait to try out the salad! My husband and I just realized we both like Lima beans (I thought he didnt for some reason). The lace dress is perfection! We saw planes fire and rescue - I bet Carson loved it. My boys both did. What a fun date for the two of you! How does Taylor feel whe you guys go out? We haven't been able to master taking one without the other bc of the crazy meltdowns of being left behind (although my little guy is 4 so maybe he realizes what is happening a little bit more).