Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting Organized

Happy Monday Loves!!

For the first time ever I spent the whole weekend all by myself!! Todd was off with the guys at a bachelor party and the kids were at my parents with their cousins. In my head I thought it was going to be just blissful. I had plans to watch lots of TV, drink wine, and clean out all the closets. But, I woke up on Saturday sad, missing my family, and feeling really unmotivated. So, I decided to take a little shopping trip for some new lamps for Taylor's room, which I have been on the hunt for, and grab a few things I wanted to start my organizing. I came home with my new goodies and dove into to my closet first. Well, after I put Taylor's new lamps up of course :) I love the way they look in her "big girl" (sniff sniff) room.

Holy, I've never busted my ass so much, batman. I kid you not, I started on my closet at 2:00 pm and I finished at 1:00 am. I am one of those people though, that once I get going I just can't stop. Then on Sunday I woke up early and tackled our bathroom (the drawers, cabinets, etc), the pantry, the refrigerator, Taylor's closet, and Carson's closet. 

Have you ever wondered what do to with all those cute little gift with purchase bags you get with your makeup? I put those bad boys to use and filled them with nail polish, tampons, hair rubber bands, and small travel accessories. Then I stacked them all pretty under our sink. 

Also, these little shower caddies hung on the inside of your cabinet under your sink are genius. It's such a great storage for all you bottles and lotions.

Needless to say I didn't have one glass of wine or even turn on the TV. But, you know what, it's Monday and I feel amazing, refreshed, and very organized!! And very very happy to have my family home! 

And this is just awesome :) 

Oh yeah, and I think I found my first new dress to replace all the old ones I got rid of. Plus, it's 40% off ;)