Monday, July 14, 2014

A day on the dock + the results from my flush........

Oh hello Monday, I sure wish you didn't have to pop up so soon! Especially after such a perfect weekend.

I know most of you probably saw on Instagram that we had a dock party on Saturday! We had the best time, as we always do with this group of friends, who are really more like family. We had a sitter come stay with Taylor and we took our little man with us. I must say I missed the little bean, but it was much more relaxing without her ;) 

We drank yummy cocktails, ate amazing food, played in the river, and even had a dance party at the end of the night. What I wouldn't give to have a video of that! Haha!


My results and my thoughts from the Fruit Flush

 The first day was torture. I was hungry all day long, and to make matters worse, I was around a lot of yummy food all day. I made it through though, and the next day I had lost one pound. The second day was a little easier and I actually craved all the fruit. I lost 3 pounds on day 2. The last day was by far the easiest. Every night I was more than ready for my grilled chicken salad. I am talking grilled chicken has never tasted so good! On Saturday morning when I got on the scales I had lost 3 more lbs.

Now as far as following all the rules, I did cheat a little. I had a cup of coffee everyday, as I knew I would have major headaches without my caffeine. On Friday I had a little champagne. Other than that, I followed every other step just like the flush said too. 

Overall as far as a detox, flush, or cleanses go, I think this was a fairly easy one. I felt great after I completed it and I really have been craving less junk. So I would say this one was a success.

Weight loss: 6 pounds.  Inches lost: 2 around my waist.
Note: Not sure if this has anything to do with the flush, but since completing it the bottom of my stomach is really swollen. It's worse than it has ever been, but I am thinking it's just from the surgery. I plan on calling my doctor today to check for sure, but I was just curious if anyone knew if this was normal to still swell this much 10 weeks after surgery?

Here's the sample planned I used again.

Day 1

The first day is a preparation for the fruit flush which you will do on the second and third days. You are required to drink a 6 oz. protein drink every 2 hours starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. To make the drink, simply mix 32 oz. of water with 1 1/4 cup egg whites or whey protein powder. An hour after your protein drink, you should consume at least 8 to 12 oz. of filtered water. You can always drink more if you are thirsty at any time of day.
At 6 p.m. you may have 3 to 6 cups of a raw vegetable salad. You can use any vegetables you like, provided you include plenty of leafy greens. For the dressing, use 1 tbsp. olive oil. You may also have 3 to 6 oz. of lean chicken, fish or turkey to go with your salad. 1 hour after your meal, you should consume at least 8 to 12 oz. of water.

Days 2 and 3

Days 2 and 3 is when you do the actual flush, and you are required to consume lots of fresh fruits throughout the day, followed by a vegetable salad at dinner.
  • 8 a.m. 2 cups of cubed cantaloupe
  • 10 a.m. 2 cups of strawberries
  • 12 p.m. 1 banana
  • 2 p.m. 2 medium apples
  • 4 p.m. 1 large mango
  • 6 p.m. 3 to 6 cups of raw vegetable salad with lots of leafy greens and 1 to 2 tbsp. olive or flax seed oil for the dressing. You may top your salad with 1/2 avocado, sliced or cubed. You may also have a protein drink made with 12 oz. of water and 5 tbsp. of whey protein powder or egg whites.
You should drink at least 8 to 12 oz. of water 1 hour after each serving of fruit, as well as 1 hour after your salad. 
If you are not used to this kind of dieting, you may find yourself getting very hungry in between the protein shakes or servings of fruit. Drinking lots of water in between will help to satisfy the hunger. You may also find yourself get tired easily, and therefore exercise or hard work is not recommended during this 3 day fruit flush.
While on the fruit flush, you should avoid coffee, tea, juice and sodas, as well as canned foods and dried or frozen fruits and vegetables.